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Neste opens first fully automated RFID enabled Deli store in Finland

Neste opens first fully automated RFID enabled Deli store in Finland
Neste opens first fully automated RFID enabled Deli store in Finland
  • This new technology is expected to negate the need for the customers to individually scan each product and allow to scan purchases through a bag.
  • Neste has previously tested the RFID technology enabled Deli stores in Vantaa, Finland.

Engineering Services Company, Neste has opened its first fully automated self-service Easy Deli convenience store in Helsinki, Finland. The store uses RFID technology. This technology has been developed by the Finnish company, Nordic ID and scans all purchases made by the customer at once through a backpack or shopping bag.   

Jukka Peltoniomi, the company official responsible for automated services at Neste said that the company wants to keep up with rapidly changing consumer behavior but provide a smoother and faster experience to its customers. He called the new RFID technology a huge leap forward and the first of its kind in Finland that will make shopping experience quicker and easier for customers. He also said that the highly user-friendly technology has already been implemented in China and shops using this technology have received rave reviews.

This RFID technology will allow products to be scanned in matter of few seconds without there being any need for products to be scanned individually. Jusso Lehmukoski, CEO of Nordic ID said that this technology has been created taking consumer feasibility into account because people like to go for shopping at their own time and scanning the barcode for each single product might be inconvenient for the customers.

Customers are able to enter the Easy Deli store in Helsinki by registering on the Neste mobile app. This is done so as to prevent vandalism and misuse of products. Customers are allowed to pay using Apple pay, Google pay or payment card upon making the purchase.

Jukka Peltoniomi revealed that this decision to open RFID technology enabled Deli stores across the country was taken upon receiving positive reviews from the first RFID enabled Deli store in Vantaa, Finland. He said that the store can be opened at any place without requiring any excavation or construction work and has been built using eco-friendly materials to minimize energy consumption during the building process. The company plans to open several of these 24-hour self-service stores across Latvia and Finland by this year.

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