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Netflix restricts traffic across Europe to help ISPs tackle usage rise

Netflix restricts traffic across Europe to help ISPs tackle usage rise
Netflix restricts traffic across Europe to help ISPs tackle usage rise

In a bid to control an upsurge in internet traffic owing to the recent government orders to stay home quarantined and control the coronavirus spread, California based media service providing company- Netflix has reportedly decided to slash traffic by nearly 25% on its platform across Europe.

Reportedly, the company has already reduced the traffic across its network in Spain and Italy by a quarter and is expected to replicate the same across Europe in the next two days.

The online streaming giant will remove streams with the highest bandwidth within each resolution category for the next 30 days across Europe and users may witness a decline in video quality in each category.  

In a statement by Netflix, the company will follow the usual procedures for all other networks until they experience significant issues. Moreover, Netflix said the step undertaken by the company to reduce the traffic aims at ensuring smooth internet operation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In recent news, other prominent online streaming companies – YouTube and Amazon Prime have joined Netflix to reduce the online traffic following a decision made by Thierry Breton- the Industry Chief of the European Union to reduce the picture quality in order to prevent internet overload.

Notably, Disney+ an online streaming service by Walt Disney Co., which was slated to release on the 24 March in Britain and across major territories of Europe, has postponed its release in France by two weeks.

At the end of the first quarter of 2019, Netflix had more than 42 million users across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

For the record, the telecoms industry has reported a considerable rise in data traffic in the recent days since most of the people are staying indoors with an aim to control the coronavirus spread. The virus had already infected over 274,800 people worldwide and claimed 11,389 lives.


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