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Nevada DMV to launch the first ever drive-through kiosk in South Reno

Nevada DMV to launch the first ever drive-through kiosk in South Reno
Nevada DMV to launch the first ever drive-through kiosk in South Reno

The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles is reportedly planning to expand their self-service registration renewal kiosk program by implementing the first ever drive through Nevada DMV Now Kiosk.

According to credible sources, the program is very well known among the Nevadans who make use of DMV Now kiosk for vehicle registration. The state claims to process more than 650,000 motor vehicle transactions every year.

The new 42,000 square-foot kiosk will be launched at South Reno DMV location in first week of November 2020, which will consist of 3 kiosks, including the first of its kind, DMV kiosk, sources claimed. The facility will allow Nevadans to complete their kiosk transactions at any time without getting out of their vehicle.   

These transactions will take place in retail stories for convenience of the citizens, or at a DMV Now kiosk, cited sources with relevant information.  Reportedly, the DMV kiosk will also provide other services such as tax exemptions, registration renewals, insurance suspension reinstatement, duplicate registration and decals, and driver history printouts.

Julie Butler, DMV Director was reported stating that the new kiosk bring the DMV to the comfort of the citizen’s cars while allowing for over six transactions. She further added that the department is looking forward to installing additional 10 kiosk programs in the coming months.

As per the reliable sources, Nevada DMV Now kiosks, which were previously known as the Nevada DMV-in-a-Box program, will be provided by ITI of Fort Wayne and enable the citizens to complete vehicle registrations as per their convenience.

Reportedly, similar to an ATM, DMV Now kiosks are easy to use and takes only few minutes for vehicle registrations. The kiosks will accept payments through debit or credit cards in retail stores and debit, credit, and cash in DMV office locations.

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