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NevonSolutions takes initiative to deliver UV sterilizers to hospitals

NevonSolutions takes initiative to deliver UV sterilizers to hospitals
NevonSolutions takes initiative to deliver UV sterilizers to hospitals
  • These UV sterilizers are a part of the UVLizer series introduced by NevonSolutions to fight the Coronavirus.
  • The product will now go into mass production and will be distributed across various hospitals across the country.

The first batch of new ultraviolet sterilizers has been installed in various hospitals across India. This is a welcome development for hospitals currently fighting the fight against Coronavirus which has made contactless sterilization the need of the hour. This initiative was grabbed by the Indian technology company NevonSolutions Pvt Ltd.

This UV sterilizer by NevonSolutions is a part of the UVLizer series to fight against COVID19. This UV sterilization technology has been in use for a long time and is used to effectively destroy viruses, bacteria and microbes without using chemicals. These machines work even on low power through the usage of directional UV rays.

This initiative by NevonSolutions came about when Neeraj P Sawant, Director of the company saw the helpless conditions around the world during lockdown. This is when the company started researching on UV-C technology as a prospective prevention measure. The biggest problem here was that there was hardly another way to sanitize the areas we were in regular contact with since water and synthetic compounds cannot be used on bed, couch, gadget, wallet etc.

In Chinese clinics, robots have been used as a means to sterilize the virus. Mr. Neeraj Sawant dealt with the UV lodger cleaning machine in his research and development work and discovered some interesting realities that UV is capable of killing a wide range of infections on surfaces without using water or chemical and also that this UV-C frequency is quite secure for people with a very small or almost no chance of malignant growth. Along with these discoveries, problems were also discovered like the time required for sterilization and cancer susceptibility due to UV.

But this concern was put aside when it was discovered that UV-C led to skin irritation only when UV is shone at close proximity for a long duration of time. Along with this discovery, it was also found that UV ray power has an inverse proportionality with cleansing time. Using this concept Mr. Neeraj along with his partner determined the virus deactivation time using published works on COVID-19 UV dosages.

This project was accomplished in spite of challenges faced during lockdown like the unavailability of hardware providers, no government acknowledgement, etc. The company was able to introduce five products of the UVLizer series which will now be shipped globally.


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