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Paradox Interactive buys out French gaming entity Playrion Game Studio

Paradox Interactive buys out French gaming entity Playrion Game Studio
Paradox Interactive buys out French gaming entity Playrion Game Studio

Stockholm-based video game publisher Paradox Interactive has reportedly announced its acquisition of Playrion Game Studio, a gaming firm headquartered in Paris, France.

According to Charlotta Nilsson, the COO of Paradox, adding Playrion to Paradox’s roster will be beneficial for its business expansion in new sectors and will bring more of its IPs to mobile. He has further stated that Paradox is thrilled to find teams who want to design the kind of games that are similar to the its portfolio. The company is delighted to welcome Playrion into the Paradox family and looks forward to working with it, added Nilsson.

For the uninitiated, Paradox Interactive was founded in 1998 as a video game company and entered the market as the video game division of Target Games and later, Paradox Entertainment, before being established as an independent company in 2004. Paradox has its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, and its subsidiaries include Harebrained Schemes, Triumph Studio, Paradox Development Studio, White Wolf Publishing, and others.

This acquisition has made Playrion the eighth development studio in the globally scaling Paradox organization. Paradox Interactive has three studios in Sweden, one in the Netherlands, two in the U.S., and one in Spain.

According to the Founder and Studio Manager of Playrion, Benjamin Cohen, Playrion is incredibly excited to work under Paradox and intends to contribute its own mobile gaming knowledge and expertise to the organization. He has further stated that both the companies have very close DNA. Also, Playrion has experienced exponential growth for almost five years owing to its talented team and intends to continue its legacy while working with Paradox Interactive. The company believes that this is the best opportunity to improve on its gaming experience and ensure better game delivery, added Cohen.

As reported, Playrion Game Studio was founded in 2010 to carry out the expansion of Airlines Manager, a browser-based student initiative rolled out in 2007. In 2014, Playrion launched its game to mobile platforms with a free-to-play management feature and has been downloaded for over 8 million times so far.


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