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Perfect Game announces partnership with Augusta Sportswear Brands

Perfect Game announces partnership with Augusta Sportswear Brands
Perfect Game announces partnership with Augusta Sportswear Brands

Perfect Game, a leading provider of elite youth baseball & softball platform as well as scouting service, has recently entered a multi-year partnership with Augusta Sportswear. The two companies signed the collaboration deal to significantly develop quality uniform and apparel for players.

Perfect Game conducts nearly 1,400 showcases and tournaments every year in the United States. The company supports multiple amateur players in gaining exposure and aid them in taking their baseball or softball games to the next level. Additionally, at various events conducted by the company, the players were indulged in top-level athletic competition in front of the coaches, recruiters, and professional scouts across the country.

Augusta Sportswear offers multiple styles, including outerwear, jerseys and shirts, for various sports and other activities. The company is widely known for its innovative baseball & softball brands such as Pacific Headwear, Holloway, and Russel Athletic. The company’s continued commitment to advance its sport category of baseball is evident from the recent selection of Andre Dawson, a Baseball Hall of Fame legend, as the Brand Ambassador, in order to increase the overall awareness and sales of its products.

As per the statement made by Augusta Sportswear Brands’ Chief Executive Officer, Dave Elliott, the company is excited to collaborate with Perfect Game as it displays several growth opportunities for the two companies. He further added that the agreement has helped the company rapidly realize the values of aligning with the community.

According to Perfect Game’s President & Founder, Jerry Ford, the company has announced the recent agreement with Augusta Sportswear, owing to its high emphasis on providing high-quality apparel. In addition, both the companies share the same passion of enhancing the players’ experiences. Mr. Ford stated that the firm is looking forward to developing a strong relationship with Augusta and devoting itself to further enhancing the careers of several talented baseball and softball players across the country.

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