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Resonant announces issuance of the first XBAR-related patents

Resonant announces issuance of the first XBAR-related patents
Resonant announces issuance of the first XBAR-related patents

Resonant Inc., a prominent firm creating filter designs for radio frequency, or RF, front-ends for the mobile device industry, has reportedly been awarded with the first patent by USPTO (US Patent and Trademark Office) for its cutting-edge XBAR® technology developed for 5G and WiFi connectivity. The company’s filed or issued patent number has now surpassed 200, over 50 of which are particularly focused on 5G.

As per reports, Resonant has filed several patent applications for its XBAR technology, both abroad and domestically. The company was awarded the US patent No. 10,491,192 and 10,601,392. It also received an indication from USPTO that a third US patent will also be issued before the end of this month.

Sources cite that the company had filed these patients to secure its novel resonator structure, which is optimized for high frequencies, wide bandwidths, low loss, and high powers required for 5G.

Speaking on which, George B. Holmes, CEO, and Chairman of Resonant said that 5G connectivity requires new filter structures as more users are operating in this high-frequency spectrum. The company’s XBAR technology is designed and optimized to meet the challenging standards of 5G and WiFi and facilitates the co-existence of these technologies, Holmes claimed.

Mr. Holmes added that the accuracy of the company’s ISN (Infinite Synthesized Networks) design platform enabled its design team to discover several structures and concentrate on what can be optimum for this application.

In today’s interconnected world, the co-existence of Wi-Fi and 5G is emerging as a significant challenge for real world-deployment. With the company’s cutting-edge XBAR technology, the company recently showed expanded performance for XBAR for RF filters that can efficiently manage the co-existence of Wi-Fi 6 and 6E and 5G networks, safeguarding each from co-interference. This could significantly aid in improving network performance.

For the record, Resonant is dedicated to improving the connectivity of mobile devices, while preparing for the demands of next-generation 5G applications.

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