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RevTrax offers free Data Services to COVID-19 affected brands

RevTrax offers free Data Services to COVID-19 affected brands
RevTrax offers free Data Services to COVID-19 affected brands

In this currently global pandemic where major brands are struggling to keep their business afloat, various organizations are proactively coming forward to help businesses survive. Recently, leading offer management platform provider, RevTrax stepped forward to help firms in the travel, hospitality and retail brands that are facing economic issues due to COVID-19 in the U.S.

Reportedly, RevTrax is willing to provide its data services, effective immediately, at zero cost to both, present clients and any other brands that require help to stay afloat against financial strains caused due to this sudden pandemic.

Evidently, the company’s data services are developed to inform discounting strategies and customer pricing, curbing overreactions that RevTrax believes would be taken by several businesses.

As executives in the travel, hospitality and retail sector scuffle with the idea of a dramatic decline in consumer demand, several executives have taken drastic steps by uniformly deepening discounts or slashing prices. This is where RevTrax’s expertise steps in, as it understands the gravity of the situation and effectively lays out a plan to avoid such business reactions while maximizing their profits.

For the record, RevTrax is the sole Offer Management Platform (OMP) provider to numerous international retails, CPG, financial services, automotive and travel brands.

With this move, the company now offers data services solution to such brands for 60 days at no charge* and enables them to prevent over-discounting and the implementation of unnecessary repeated emergency untested plans after suffering a decline in consumer demand and sales.

According to Jonathan Treiber, Chief Executive Officer, RevTrax, this comes as a grave time for majority businesses and specifically those in the hospitality and travel sphere. As the company possesses the unique ability to effectively interpret promotional and pricing sensitivity, it believes in assisting those corporations that are negatively impacted by a steep fall in sales and aid them in avoiding further downfalls.

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