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Rolls-Royce redesigns Spirit of Ecstasy mascot ahead of EV debut

Rolls-Royce redesigns Spirit of Ecstasy mascot ahead of EV debut
Rolls-Royce redesigns Spirit of Ecstasy mascot ahead of EV debut

British luxury automobile giant, Rolls-Royce, has reportedly unveiled a redesigned version of its famed mascot, the Spirit of Ecstasy; which serves as the hood ornament for the brand’s cars, 111 years after its original design was registered as the company’s intellectual property.

As the brand gears up for the debut of its electric car, the Spectre, the new figurine will appear on the most aerodynamic car Rolls-Royce has ever produced and has been refashioned with a lower and more dynamic stance, focusing on aero-efficiency.

It is said that the design will bear a close resemblance to the original sketches of Charles Sykes, the designer of the mascot, and is 17mm shorter than the original.

Standing tall at 8.27mm, the figurine’s robes have been modified to seem more realistic and aerodynamic. The stance has also been changed to put more emphasis on speed.

Rolls-Royce stated that the mascot is now a true goddess of speed who is bracing for the wind, having one of her legs forward with her body tucked low and eyes focusing ahead eagerly. The brand had focused on realism and consulted various stylists for the design of her posture, expression, hair, and clothes, to give off an authentically contemporary aura.

Each of the Spirit of Ecstasy figurines will be minutely different from the previous one as they will be hand-finished following the traditional process of wax-casting.

The design is due to appear on the Spectre, expected to launch next year, and on all the models that will arrive thereafter.

Spectre’s first prototypes recorded a drag coefficient of 0.26, expected to have improved further before production.

Torsten Müller-Ötvös, CEO of Rolls-Royce, claimed that the Spirit of Ecstasy is the world’s most famous as well as the most desirable automotive mascot, adding that she is the embodiment of the brand and serves as a constant source of inspiration and pride.

Torsten added that the new form is the perfect emblem for the brand’s most aerodynamic car ever made, being more graceful and streamlined than before, gracing its beginning for a bold electric future.

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