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ROME Therapeutics to create therapies for cancer & autoimmune diseases

ROME Therapeutics to create therapies for cancer & autoimmune diseases
ROME Therapeutics to create therapies for cancer & autoimmune diseases

ROME Therapeutics, a biotechnology company, has been recently launched with the Series A funding of $50 million. The funding was led by ARCH Venture Partners, GV, and Partners Innovation Fund.

The company was founded to focus on the discovery and development of novel therapies for cancer & autoimmune diseases. This has been initiated by leveraging new insights from the repeatome’s vast uncharted territory. Repeatome, which is nearly 60% of the human genome, consists of repeats – a repetitive sequence of the nucleic acids. Drawing upon deep expertise in ML, immunology, virology, and oncology, its team has discovered various promising drug targets as well as launched several discovery programs.

Repeats have been dismissed as ‘junk DNA’ by a majority of the drug discovery programs in the past, where they targeted only 2% of the human genome. However, recent discoveries have identified that repeatome is a rich & complex ecosystem. It comprises of the ancient viruses’ remnants, which are then integrated into the human genome. Additionally, these viral-like strands are vital for embryogenesis as well as are activated during stress, which may play a major role in driving cancer and other diseases. This is because the malignant cells choose the repeats to facilitate their growth and survival. These discoveries are the foundation of the pioneering work of the company to focus on the repeatome-based therapeutics.

Co-founder, President, & CEO of ROME, Rosana Kapeller, M.D., Ph.D., has stated that the repeatome is the key to long-lasting interventions to drive the difficult-to-treat diseases into a sustained remission. Its team of experts has explored the uncharted territory & identified promising therapeutic paths, under the support of advisors and investors.

Krishna Yeshwant, M.D., a member of the Board of Directors of ROME and General Partner at GV, has also appreciated Rosana and her team’s dedication to drive innovation by turning cutting-edge discoveries into a new class of medicines. Dr. Yeshwant also commended Dr. Kapeller on her discovery of a novel approach to harness the power of the repeatome.

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