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Semtech LoRa® to feature energy use monitoring solutions by EasyReach

Semtech LoRa® to feature energy use monitoring solutions by EasyReach
Semtech LoRa® to feature energy use monitoring solutions by EasyReach

Semtech Corporation, a prominent supplier of top-performance analog and mixed-signal semiconductors, has reportedly announced that EasyReach, a technology-based company which provides Internet of Things (IoT) applications for the industrial and retail domain, has developed a new energy as well as use status monitoring solution that is based on the LoRaWAN® protocol and LoRa® devices of Semtech.

The EasyPlug leverages LoRa devices’ distinctive solution set for easy deployment, as well as reliable time data monitoring to identify changes to the used status of appliances.

Amol Vedak, Founder and Director, EasyReach, stated that with Semtech’s LoRaWAN protocol and LoRa devices, EasyReach created a product to enable reliable and efficient energy monitoring for a range of applications.

Vedak further stated that EasyPlug deploys in around 10 minutes and the low power capacities of the battery powered sensor also allow monitoring operations even when they are turned off.

The LoRa-based sensor EasyPlug deploys to the power supply cable of appliances in nearly 10 minutes and instantly starts gathering data on the energy usage of the appliance, on or off status as well as location data in real-time. The web-based platform of EasyReach creates reports on the gathered data for user trend analysis, offering insight into the energy proficiency of their applications.

In addition, automated alerts made by the system alert managers of changes in equipment use patterns to prevent overuse, theft, or abnormalities. ROI starts upon deployment, with applications observing energy consumption and reducing associated bills. EasyPlug has facilitated several successful applications to date, which includes office equipment, security cameras, hospital X-ray machines, digital signage, retail refrigerators, and computers.

Marc Pegulu, VP, IoT, sensing and wireless products group, Semtech, stated that smart IoT applications that are utilizing LoRa devices offer customers with actionable and accessible data empowering them to reduce wastage of energy and monthly bills.

Pegulu further stated that LoRaWAN protocol and LoRa devices permit the simple deployment of flexible solutions to reliably and efficiently monitor power utilization and to deliver new operational efficiencies.

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