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Siborg Systems introduces LCR-Reader-MPA at Nepcon Asia in Shenzhen

Siborg Systems introduces LCR-Reader-MPA at Nepcon Asia in Shenzhen
Siborg Systems introduces LCR-Reader-MPA at Nepcon Asia in Shenzhen

Canada-based software company Siborg Systems Inc. has reportedly displayed a new multi-purpose digital multimeter called LCR-Reader-MPA at Nepcon Asia in Shenzhen. Sources aware of the development stated that device received positive feedbacks during the event owing to its ability to accurately and quickly test components.

LCR-Reader-MPA is a lightweight substitute to LCR/ESR meters and can determine the component type as well as ideal test parameters before measuring it with a basic accuracy of 0.1%, sources claimed. The device can work remotely and deliver highly precise measurement results on the OLED display.

Director of Siborg Systems Inc. Michael Obrecht was reported saying that the people visiting Nepcon Asia showed great interest in the device since it can offer accurate and fast measurements remotely as well as in real time. He added that the audience was also excited about the company’s upcoming potential Bluetooth-enabled LCR-Reader-MPA.

For those unaware, LCR-Reader was initially introduced by Siborg in 2014 as a budget alternative to tweezer-multimeters with a basic accuracy of 0.5%. The company then launched the LCR-Reader-MP as a device between LCR-Reader and Smart Tweezers, which offered features such as a 0.1% basic accuracy and an oscilloscope mode.

Currently, three models of LCR-Reader-MPA are available on the company’s website, namely, the MPA model, LCR-Reader-MPA BT, and the MPAL which has a lower range of test frequencies. The Bluetooth-enabled model would be able to connect to Android as well as PC and can automatically record measurement data in real-time.

Siborg also offers the Kelvin Probe Connector device which can enable any Smart Tweezers, MPA or LCR-Reader to operate as a probe station. The products are available on Amazon sales channels in North America and Europe.

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