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SimplyRFID launches innovative product to automate eyewear inventory

SimplyRFID launches innovative product to automate eyewear inventory
SimplyRFID launches innovative product to automate eyewear inventory

Reportedly, Frame Source Group (FSG) has developed "Advanced Inventory Management System (AIMS)" – an inventory system based on RFID that helps doctors automate a major chunk of their business. Offices can label their frames with RAIN inventory system RFID tags and take inventory count using a RFID reader. They can stock up on average about 600 frames per minute.

SimplyRFID, a U.S. based firm, has recently launched a product where they have automated eyewear inventory management for Eye Doctors. If their claims are to be believed, experts say that this automation could be revolutionary for this industry, by saving time by a large margin. Work done over a day will be done in minutes.

For the uninitiated, SimplyRFID is a US software & hardware development company which is famous for making tracking systems for radio-frequency ID. They track millions of IT servers around the world. RFID is a fast-growing technology that apparently uses low-cost microchips (15 cent) that they can attach to just about anything and monitor where they move. Their tracking ranges from drugs and trash cans to even military equipment and old computers.

RFID’s applications have been increasing over the years. Recently about 3500 doctors installed this application as an addition to their inventory management systems. The healthcare industry and its professionals are facing a lot of dynamic challenges at this point of time. Doctors are trying to minimize their time in secondary activities and use more of their resources in treating a patient. This problem of time management is no different to eye doctors.

Reportedly, these eye doctors rely on human memory and inventory managers to do the stock count and management. The extensive nature of this activity consumes a lot of time, which could be better spent in treating more patients.

RFID technology applications have been increasing over supply chains and conventional inventory management in recent years. Experts claim these automations are here to stay and can be seen as a paradigm shift.



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