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Sonic Becomes the First Tokenized Venture Capital Fund in Asia

Sonic Becomes the First Tokenized Venture Capital Fund in Asia
Sonic Becomes the First Tokenized Venture Capital Fund in Asia

Stefan Rust, the former CEO at launched Sonic Capital which is reported to be Asia's first venture capital that helps in tokenizing investment funds to support startups that use blockchain technology and tokens to deliver commercial challenges that are associated with conservation and regeneration of the environment and social equality. Sonic aims on investing in businesses that help in adopting and scaling carbon credit markets. The fund will support enterprises that are at Series A and Late Seed stages of investment.

Institute of International Finance (IIF) stated that the worldwide carbon market is estimated to grow 160x to meet the pledges made in the Paris Agreement, further propelled by the rising focus of corporations and nations to decrease their effects on the environment. Carbon credits are recognized as a reliable solution that surpasses regulatory obligations and contributes to investment for carbon emission reduction projects from various activities.

Despite this momentum, the slow development of the global carbon market can cause a huge supply-demand gap. Sonic Capital believes that blockchain and tokens applications can ease some limitations and inadequacies of the current infrastructure and processes to boost the required growth. Decentralized governance can provide desirable transparency and automate timely and manual processes that can further reduce the existing costs related to credit issuance to empower more participation along with increased liquidity.

Sonic delivers an exclusive proposition to investors and businesses by using the expertise of Stefan Rust and his team, who are leading the blockchain, mobile, and cryptocurrency innovation, while at companies like Lykke,, and more. Along with providing necessary growth capital to organizations, the team at Sonic will utilize their experience as entrepreneurs, investors, and business leaders to provide practical support to portfolio companies.

Sonic focuses on democratizing the traditional venture model by creating early liquidity opportunities, reducing the entry point for investment, and providing token holders a seat through participation in the contract nomination approval process. Fund tokenization allows anyone to directly invest from their mobile phones, authorizing the regeneration to join Sonic in transforming the world.



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