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Spiffy, SparkCharge partner to provide on-demand EV charging solutions

Spiffy, SparkCharge partner to provide on-demand EV charging solutions
Spiffy, SparkCharge partner to provide on-demand EV charging solutions

Get Spiffy, Inc., an on-demand technology & service firm, has reportedly announced its partnership with SparkCharge in an effort to provide on-demand charging solutions for electric vehicles. Sources with relevant information said that Roadie, which is a portable charging system offered by SparkCharge, will help in curbing the issue of dearth of EV charging infrastructure as well as offer consumers the liberty to charge their vehicle as per requirement.

The system is reportedly a level 3 ultrafast charger and has the potential to deliver one mile charging every 60 seconds, which is apparently 8 times faster than most of the wired charges.

Sources further confirmed that people can make use of Spiffy on-demand charging technology in BoostEV platform of SparkCharge or directly through the Spiffy application.

Scot Wingo, CEO of Spiffy, was reported saying that SparkCharge team is addressing the huge barrier associated with using electric vehicles by providing modular portable charging. He added that the company is thrilled to team up with the EV charging infrastructure service provider.

According to industry experts, although electric vehicles are the fastest moving part of the puzzle, the constraints of developing an effective EV charging infrastructure still stand in the way of significant progress.

Josh Aviv, CEO of SparkCharge, mentioned in a comment that the firm is focused on removing the obstacles that come in the path of owning and driving an electric vehicle. He further claimed that the company intends to boost electric vehicle adoption globally in order to create a sustainable, healthy, and clean world.

Aviv added that the company is looking forward towards working with Spiffy into BoostEV network in order to offer on -demand charging solutions.

If sources are to be believed, on-demand charging systems of Spiffy will be directed towards Atlanta, Charlotte, and Raleigh metro areas.  


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