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Terranet to advance 3D motion perception software, Voxelflow

Terranet to advance 3D motion perception software, Voxelflow
Terranet to advance 3D motion perception software, Voxelflow

Terranet AB, a mobile telephony and data services provider, has recently taken further steps in terms of the development and PoC (Proof of Concept) cycle with Voxelflow. Voxelflow is a life-saving technology with the 3D motion software, which was launched at the 2020 CES in Las Vegas.

The advancement will significantly contribute to the policy formulated by the 3rd Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety, which was held in Stockholm, Sweden, in February 2020. The policy requires the reduction of serious injuries and fatalities in half by 2030. To ensure this, Voxelflow will considerably enhance the autonomous systems and mobility services capabilities on mitigation and collision warning.

The strategy of the company is to reportedly field test Voxelflow by building testbeds and demo vehicle platforms through partnership with Tier-1 component suppliers and OEM car manufacturers. This will be fulfilled by adopting a customer-centric development process and gradual industrialization. The current prototype, with camera hardware included, will be miniaturized to sensors gradually, which will be mounted in headlamps and windshields to ensure ADAS (advanced-driver-assisted-systems) offerings for fully- and semi-automated cars.

The technology was invented by CTO of Terranet, Dirk Smits. It was built upon the understanding that the current camera-based computer vision & AI navigation systems are slow & subject to the fundamental speed limits of the perception. The drawbacks of lidar include slow scanning rates and limited resolution.

By ensuring a life-saving decision making in milliseconds, the company envisions to transform the pre-crash inattention on the road, which accounts for nearly 1.35 million deaths from road accidents, into a collision-free swerve. It is dedicated to pursuing its vision and purpose of reducing fatal road accidents by exploring & discovering new features of Voxelflow.

According to Pär-Olof Johannesson, CEO of Terranet, the company has started to witness the beginning of the paradigm shift to a conscientious community with innovations on ADAS technologies through its novel tech and 3D motion perception software, Voxelflow.

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