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Tesla to build a new battery production facility in Fremont, CA

Tesla to build a new battery production facility in Fremont, CA
Tesla to build a new battery production facility in Fremont, CA

Tesla, the renowned American electric automotive giant known for its electric vehicles, has reportedly announced its plans to construct a new battery manufacturing and research facility in Fremont, California. The firm plans to run the facility around the clock, under its new project Roadrunner, according to documents by the city government.

This is the first time the company has acknowledged its Roadrunner project publicly while revealing more details regarding the status of the battery production facility. The new plan hints at the U.S. EV manufacturer’s efforts to effectively develop its own automotive batteries, which are the most expensive component of EVs.

Tesla, which claimed that it presently has a small scale battery production facility in Fremont, filed for an approval from the city government to construct an expanded battery operation. The firm estimated that the project construction, along with the installation of the required manufacturing equipment, would require three months to be completed.

The automaker did not disclose the overall volume output of the proposed battery manufacturing system yet. However, the production is expected to be significant, given that the facility is expected to be operational 24/7 through four shifts of over 100 workers.  

A total of 470 workers would be assigned to this facility, of which 400 would operate in shifts, in a way that about 100 employees are working at production and manufacturing operations at any time, every day, all day. Workers’ shifts change every day at 6 pm and 6 am.

Chief Executive Officer of Tesla, Elon Musk stated that the firm would give a tour of its battery cell manufacturing facility on September 15. However, this is a tentative date given by the automaker, which has dubbed it Battery Day.

As of now, the company manufactures batteries in collaboration with Japan’s Panasonic Corporation at the Gigafactory, located near Reno, Nevada. The automaker also holds battery contracts with LG Chem Ltd, the renowned South Korean conglomerate, and the China-based Contemporary Amperex Technology. 


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