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Tesla to resume production after fixing issues with California officials

Tesla to resume production after fixing issues with California officials
Tesla to resume production after fixing issues with California officials

Tesla Inc. and officials from California have reportedly come to terms with regard to their clash on the safety procedures at its only assembly plant in the United States, with a deal that permits the production to resume as soon as possible.

The Alameda County had stated that the carmaker can take more steps before the next week post the public defiance of Elon Musk, Chief Executive of Tesla. He said that he will be resuming the production regardless of the prohibition. He recently won the support of President Donald Trump.

Alameda County has said that after its discussions with Tesla it has come to the conclusion that the electric automaker can take further steps to resume its production. The county will be working closely with the police located in Fremont to determine if Tesla has been following the rules for physical distancing. It will also look into the safety measures that both the parties agreed upon and check if it is in place for the workers’ safety as they start with the full production.

Musk had announced that the production at Fremont shall resume while defying the order to stay at home and claimed that it should be him who should be arrested.

Xavier Becerra, California Attorney General commented that the Tesla and the county had been in talks regarding the production facilities to resume work. However, the state shall enforce in case there are clear violations of the state orders that have been issued by the governor.

Recently, the employee parking lots of the factory of Tesla located in Fermont, California had been seen packed with cars. Several trucks had been observed driving in and out of the premises of the factory. The company had initially sued Alameda County and challenged its decision for letting the plants stay closed.

The county had asked every manufacturer to delay their operations by a week so that the county could gauge the hospitalization and infection rates.


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