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Tokyo Government plans to install 5G shared antenna smart poles

Tokyo Government plans to install 5G shared antenna smart poles
Tokyo Government plans to install 5G shared antenna smart poles
  • Sumitomo Corporation will jointly be working with NEC to install smart poles in the Nishi-Shinjuku area in Tokyo.
  • These smart poles will be equipped with a sharable 5G antenna system to be used by multiple telecommunication providers at the same time.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Sumitomo Corporation have finalized an agreement regarding the installation and verification of 5G smart poles in Tokyo. Sumitomo Corporation has been jointly working with the NEC Corporation to plant two kinds of smart poles by the end of June in Tokyo’s Nishi-Shinjuku region.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government earlier formulated the "Highway Basic Strategy" that calls to build an ultra-high speed internet network in Tokyo. As a part of this strategy, the government is planning to install these smart poles in the Nishi-Shinjuku in Tokyo which is a priority development area. 

Sumitomo Corporation along with NEC is partnering with the government to install two kinds of Smart poles in the Nishi-Shinjuku area. Together, these companies plan to install two models of NEC’s smart street lighting that is equipped with digital signage function using LED’s and liquid crystal displays along with flow analysis cameras to monitor pedestrian traffic to estimate the gender, age, direction of movement, and the number of pedestrians from camera footage. One of these models will be fitted with a sharable 5G antenna system that can be used by multiple Telecommunication providers at the same time.

The Tokyo government plans to bring the sharable 5G antenna system operation to full scale by the end of March 2021. The government has been making consistent efforts to extend these systems over the entire city by constructing an infrastructure to install these smart poles.

NEC has been involved in a number of business ventures ranging from cable television business in Japan to information and telecommunications endeavors and building Telecom towers overseas. NEC has also taken part in various 5G businesses with Osaka Metro Co. Ltd., Tokyu Corporation, and Tokyo's Minato Ward. Sumitomo Corporation has also been working on efforts to create more 5G businesses and will be working with other companies and local governments in the future.


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