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Top companies in USA lash out Trump’s visa ban on immigrant workers

Top companies in USA lash out Trump’s visa ban on immigrant workers
Top companies in USA lash out Trump’s visa ban on immigrant workers

The United States President, Donald Trump has recently announced suspension of foreign workers to improve domestic hiring, which has not gone down too well with tech sector executives such as Sundar Pichai of Google and Elon Musk of Tesla, as well as corporate America.

Reportedly, the visa suspension of immigrants will be effective from 24th June and last till the year end, thereby generating approximately 525,000 jobs for the U.S. workers.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services claims that Google had 2,678 H1B visa approvals in the year 2019. In the same wing, Twitter had 117 H1B visa approvals, Tesla had 324 H1B, Salesforce had 267 H1B, PayPal had 271 H1B, Microsoft Corp had 1,701 H1B, Facebook had 1,518 H1B, Box Inc had 21 H1B, and Apple Inc had 1,1136 H1B visa approvals in the year 2019, claim credible reports.

Speaking of the move, the CEO of Alphabet Inc Google, Sundar Pichai said that immigration has majorly contributed to America’s economy, making it a tech leader globally. He further added that the company is disappointed by this move and will stand with all the immigrants, providing work opportunity for all.

The chief of Alphabet’s YouTube, Susan Wojcicki tweeted that they will join Google and work to expand opportunities for all. Wojcicki further said that her family had escaped from danger and found a new home in America.

Amazon reportedly opposes this decision and claims that opportunity to global talent is essential to America’s economy. The company will support the immigrants and protect their rights, said Amazon.

The CEO of PayPal said that restricting the immigrants who look forward to work in the US is disappointing and will slow down America’s progress.

The President of Microsoft Inc, Brad Smith tweeted that immigrants play a vital role and support their company’s infrastructure. It is not the right time to cut them from the nation or create anxiety or uncertainty.


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