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U.S. to double down on monkeypox testing as infection rates soar

U.S. to double down on monkeypox testing as infection rates soar
U.S. to double down on monkeypox testing as infection rates soar

Amid growing concerns regarding the onslaught of monkeypox across the United States, the Biden administration has recently released a statement confirming that it would expand the disease testing capacity and allow accessibility to five commercial laboratories within the country.

Notably, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention is in the process of transporting monkey pox testing kits to five reputed companies which include, Mayo Clinic, Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings (LabCorp), Aegis Sciences Corporation, Sonic Healthcare Limited, and Quest Diagnostics.

Commenting further on this development, Xavier Becerra, the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) claimed that the proliferation of the disease in the United States has prompted the central administration to facilitate the availability of tools to attack and treat cases while expanding laboratory reach to enable citizens to get tested and treated as early as possible. These testing centers are expected to be fully operational by early July.

For the uninitiated, monkeypox, which was first discovered in monkeys, is a disease that spreads through close physical contact and is normally found across specific regions of West and Central Africa, rarely making an appearance in other parts of the world.

Reliable sources have handed out estimations claiming that as of Tuesday 142 new cases have been reported across 24 states of the U.S including Washington DC, where the first known overseas case was discovered on the 17th of May.

HHS has issued a statement claiming that the main motive for multiplying testing centers in the country is to provide a positive outlook with regards to testing for patients and medical practitioners in the form of convenience and accessibility.

Over 40 countries, where the disease has not yet received the status of an endemic have observed a sharp rise in the number of cases predictably exceeding the mark of 3000 over the past few months.

However, the World Health Organization is yet to declare monkeypox a global health emergency. Reportedly, the decision is likely to receive a firm nod on Thursday (23rd June).

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