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UK Govt launches Homes for Ukraine scheme to host refugees

UK Govt launches Homes for Ukraine scheme to host refugees
UK Govt launches Homes for Ukraine scheme to host refugees

The UK government has reportedly launched the Home for Ukraine site where those who want can host a refugee from the war-stricken country. The platform supposedly and saw over 43,000 sign-ups within its first five hours of going live.

Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Housing and Communities, UK, stated that there will be no limit as to how many people from Ukraine can enter the UK under its visa sponsorship scheme.

Households that will be hosting a refugee will be offered a tax-free sum of £350 per month, and while they will not be expected to provide food or living expenses to the refugees, they can choose to offer to do so.

Those that wish to offer a rent-free space in their own house or a separate place of residence for a minimum duration of six months can register online.

Along with that, those who want to individually sponsor a Ukrainian citizen’s visa can do so from Friday, 18th March, with the initial applications relying on the applicant who knows the name of a person from Ukraine they wish to help.

Gove added that refugees with no family or otherwise link to the UK can also be hosted, as the scheme initially was only for people who were already acquainted to get it started as soon as possible.

Gove also stated that the scheme will be rapidly expanded with the help of community groups, charities, and churches that can assist in matching hosts and refugees.

The scheme is open for Ukrainian nationals as well as their immediate family members who were residents in the country before 1st January, and will be provided access to the National Healthcare Service (NHS) and other public services.

Local authorities will also receive extra funding of £10,500 per refugee for support services, and more for school-aged children.

Both hosts and refugees will be vetted, with the government adding that local councils will also check whether the offered accommodation is suitable.

This is the second such visa scheme that the UK government set up since the war broke out. The first allowed Ukrainians having an immediate or extended family member to apply for a family visa.

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