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UK: Young people who lost jobs in pandemic return to less secure work

UK: Young people who lost jobs in pandemic return to less secure work
UK: Young people who lost jobs in pandemic return to less secure work

Young people in the UK, who had lost their jobs due to the pandemic, are reportedly returning to less secure work, usually as gig workers, according to the research from a leading think tank in the country.

In its report, Resolution Foundation, found that young people were rapidly starting to make a return to work around late last year, with the unemployment rate now just slightly below than the pre-pandemic level.

However, but it also discovered that around 50,000 more men, under 24 years of age, are inactive economically, and a third of the people between the ages of 18 and 34 years, who returned to the workplace, were in insecure work.

Younger returners, who had employment pre-Covid but became unemployed during the pandemic, were now more likely on a zero-hours or temporary contracts than those who had jobs during the pandemic, having either unsteady hours or doing agency work.

In a survey of 6,100 people by YouGov, 33% of the returners had such roles in contrast to the 12% who were working throughout the pandemic.

Although the furlough scheme in the UK had succeeded in controlling youth unemployment, the think tank believes that joblessness during the pandemic has ruined the prospects of future employment and pay, and of mental health, for many.

While the youth unemployment rate had shrunk to 9.8% in autumn from 10.5% in spring last year, the number of youth aged between 18 to 24, and not in full-time education or economically active, increased by 75,000, with 60% of them being young men.

Louise Murphy, Economist at Resolution Foundation and author of the report, stated that one out three young people have returned to atypical contracts after being unemployed during the previous lockdown, signifying insecure work.

Murphy added that the number of young people, especially young men, who dropped out of the labor market and education has risen even though unemployment fell.

Murphy also stated that employers and policymakers need to make sure that young people are confident and knowledgeable in finding work and applying to it, and have access to good quality jobs with sufficient hours, in the coming month and years.

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