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UK's spy agencies select Amazon's AWS to host their classified data

UK's spy agencies select Amazon's AWS to host their classified data
UK's spy agencies select Amazon's AWS to host their classified data

The Great Britain's intelligence agencies have reportedly reached an agreement with Amazon, the American multinational tech giant, to use the firm's cloud computing services to host sensitive information.

According to reliable reports, the partnership intends to increase the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics in espionage. UK’s intelligence, security and cyber agency, Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) spearheaded the reported agreement.

Reports also mentioned that the high-security cloud system would also be utilized by M16, M15, and departments of UK government participating in joint operations.

As part of the agreement with Inc's cloud service division Amazon Web Services (AWS), data would purportedly be stored in the United Kingdom.

Former National Cyber Security Centre chief, Ciaran Martin, informed the media that the agreement will allow spy agencies to obtain intelligence from massive volumes of data within minutes, instead of weeks and months.

However, privacy advocates expressed concerns about the deal, with Privacy International's Gus Hosein labeling it another highly-worrying public to private cooperation.

Back in February, GCHQ stated that it has completely embraced AI to identify patterns in massive volumes of global data in order to fight hostile misinformation and catch child predators.

For years, GCHQ had used rudimentary forms of AI, like translation technology, but it is now expanding its usage, part in retaliation to the use of AI by hostile governments and part owing to the data explosion that allows it to be successful.

The chief of GCHQ, Sir Jeremy Fleming, stated in an AI study that the agency thinks AI skills will be at the core of its future capacity to secure the UK.

According to Fleming, the agency will let analysts handle the ever-growing complexity and volume of the data, boosting the speed and quality of its decision-making. The success of these systems will become more important in keeping the UK's population prosperous and safe in the digital era.

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