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Virgin Orbit’s debut rocket launch experiences anomaly mid-air

Virgin Orbit’s debut rocket launch experiences anomaly mid-air
Virgin Orbit’s debut rocket launch experiences anomaly mid-air

Virgin Orbit, the small satellite launch service provider, has recently terminated its 1st attempt of launching a rocket into space from a 747 airplane’s belly.

In the trial of the plan to launch the satellites into space by the company, the 21.34-meter (70-foot) rocket known as ‘LauncherOne’ was to put the satellite into orbit at an altitude of around 6.5 miles from Cosmic Girl, a modified airplane.

The company reportedly stated that the mission from the Space Port and Mojave Air in California following the release of the rocket from the jetliner was aborted just prior to 3 p.m. above the Pacific Ocean. It further added that there was an anomaly that occurred initially in the 1st stage flight. Virgin Orbit has been waiting for the data to be analyzed and released by the engineers to learn more about disturbances during the flight. It was the 1st key test conducted by the company as it plans to launch the satellites into the space. The goal of the company via the recent launch was to capture a significant share in the emerging market for launching small satellites.

The engine of the rocket was ignited soon after its release from the aircraft. However, the anomaly caused the flight to be terminated early. The company had previously warned about the success rate of the launch as being 50%. It remains unclear about the cause of the anomaly. In the records of rocketry, technical problems were very often encountered during the maiden outings.

According to the statement made by Dan Hart, chief executive officer of Virgin Orbit, the company set several goals and has accomplished those in the past. The recent launch can be considered as an advancement of the company towards growth.

Additional details regarding the recent launch have not released immediately. There were also no cases of injuries during the flight.

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