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Vyripharm theranostic platform to treat viral infections like COVID-19

Vyripharm theranostic platform to treat viral infections like COVID-19
Vyripharm theranostic platform to treat viral infections like COVID-19

Vyripharm Biopharmaceuticals, a US-based biopharmaceutical company aimed at working on neurological disorders and cancer, reportedly announced that it would repurpose the ongoing development of its new theranostic platform to diagnose, monitor and treat viral infections like MERS, SARS, and COVID-19.

This new approach by the company would leverage biopharmaceuticals for identification and diagnosis with the capability to incorporate integration treatments to interrupt the virus growth. This drug platform would combine anti-CB1 and anti-viral antagonist analogues for imaging applications that are nuclear medicine based.

The therapeutic application would start with a CB1 antagonist, which is an antiviral therapeutic formulation, that would be followed by a small course of radiotherapeutic regimen together with or in a dose-relevant response manner.

Vyripharm considers that the novel drug platform would be a new theranostic technology that would create a precision medicine therapeutic intervention. this intervention would be less expensive and further lead to more accurate treatment, evaluation, and diagnosis of viral infections. The company believes that this novel approach may be capable of being a dominant new application tool for better and early diagnosis, evaluation, treatment and monitoring of COVID-19.

With the Coronavirus outbreak being classified as a pandemic by the WHO, there is an immense need for an efficient approach for diagnosis as well as its treatment. Vyripharm realized that current drugs treating other relevant viral infections would also provide an appropriate approach for the development of an effective treatment for coronavirus.

The COVID-19 outbreak is increasingly affecting a growing number of people globally, and addressing this disease is highly critical. Various control measures, including a lockdown of large cities, and entire nations, wherein people are effectively confined inside their homes, has been brought into effect to stop the spread of this virus.

Developing effective treatment options and vaccine is important and remains a prominent issue for world at this time. The company is eager and would continue to innovate new technologies towards that end.

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