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WHIN announces development of first telecommunication aerostat in US

WHIN announces development of first telecommunication aerostat in US
WHIN announces development of first telecommunication aerostat in US

Wabash Heartland Innovation Network (WHIN), located in Indiana, US, has reportedly unveiled the development of the country's first telecommunication aerostat for rural connectivity.

According to reliable reports, the aerostat, which looks like a small-scale white blimp, has been drifting in the sky west of Reynolds in a five-acre area, in the corner of a bean field owned by Nancy and Ron Seymour at 1254 West 50 North.

In the 1700s, the aerostat, also known as tethered aerodynamic air balloon, was invented in France. It has been employed as an observation platform in the United States since the civil war. It needs only half an acre of land and a Kevlar cable to hold it, making it significantly smaller and higher than a typical connectivity tower.

The aerostat would deliver broadband speeds for as far as 20 miles from the site and low-power transmission for approximately 50 miles. The low-power technology will complement WHIN's upcoming terrestrial sensor network of more than 10 towers across the region.

The WHIN network will enable millions of messages per day to pass via sensors in agricultural areas and manufacturing plants once it is up and running. This will lower the cost of internet consumption while also increasing its speed.

Alivia Roberts, marketing and communications manager at WHIN, stated that Wabash, Indiana, became the world's first electrically lighted city on March 31, 1880, and added that now, north-central Indiana is going to be the first in the nation to facilitate rural broadband utilizing aerial innovation.

About 100 years ago, it took two generations of farmers in rural regions of the Midwest to decide to switch to electricity. The US is still struggling from the socioeconomic disparity produced by this failure, Roberts added.

WHIN is a nonprofit and innovative organization dedicated to making the 10-county Wabash Heartland area of north-central Indiana the worldwide hub of digital farming and next-gen manufacturing, powered by smart IoT technology.

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