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Workout-from-home with Apple’s new virtual fitness subscription

Workout-from-home with Apple’s new virtual fitness subscription
Workout-from-home with Apple’s new virtual fitness subscription

California based technology company, Apple Inc., has recently announced the launch of its new virtual fitness services together with a bundle of its subscriptions. The bundle dubbed Apple One comes as a holiday-season product launch that serves the interests of customers working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reportedly, the Apple One bundle will cost USD 15 per month for individual plan and USD 20 per month for family plan, inclusive of Apple TV service, music, and games. To add fitness services, news, and additional storage into the mix, the bundle charges amount to USD 30 per month.

Ben Bajarin, principal analyst at a research firm, Creative Strategies, stated that the pricing for bundle is far more aggressive than the expectations. Existing Apple customers that are shelling out USD 15 each month for family flans to access some of the company’s content would likely find the bundle a must buy, he added.

Focusing on customer health, the company also uncovered the new Apple Watch Series 6 that boasts the capability of monitoring blood oxygen, costing USD 399. A basic variant, Apple Watch SE is also set to be available for USD 279.

For the record, flu investigators in Washington state will utilize data from Apple Watch to study heart rate and blood oxygen for detecting precursors of respiratory diseases like influenza and COVID-19, claimed the company.

With strong sales of work-from-home products and services, Apple shares have remained impervious to the Coronavirus outbreak that has continued to plague economies across the globe.

Apple shares recorded gains of 50% for the year, far ahead of the Nasdaq’s 23% gain, and finally traded flat on Tuesday. Although the company’s stock witnessed a decline earlier this month, it is still closing in on a stock market valuation of USD 2 trillion.


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