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Zobrist Software Group unveils a new visual merchandising tool

Zobrist Software Group unveils a new visual merchandising tool
Zobrist Software Group unveils a new visual merchandising tool

Zobrist Software Group, the eCommerce company responsible for innovative storefronts as well as mobile commerce apps, has reportedly announced that Smart Merchandiser, its best in class visual merchandising application, can now integrate with the Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

The visual merchandising application is designed to enhance the sequence of the online product catalogs to promote better sales by augmenting conversion. Customers can just drag-and-drop products to rearrange them on their respective web page. They can also sort products using advanced business rules. Merchandisers can witness a 70% growth in their productivity and a 20% boost in their income.

President and CEO of Zobrist Software Group, Teresa Zobrist stated that the company is thrilled to now provide its best-in-class visual merchandising software to Salesforce Commerce Cloud. The company interviewed several SFCC merchandisers and it was seen that Smart Merchandiser has the potential to improve productivity and help them boost their website conversion.

Salesforce Commerce consumers would now get access to Smart Merchandiser, which would empower the customers to have a better control of their online merchandise. This visual merchandising tool integrates with SFRA (Salesforce Reference Architecture) as well as Salesforce Commerce Cloud SiteGenesis seamlessly.

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Smart Merchandiser, being a visual merchandising tool, pulls data from several applications (ERPs, web analytics, social channels, ratings, and reviews) to offer a single UI-driven software that is easy to use and intuitive.

Client Success Team Lead, Smart Merchandiser, Brian Fortier stated that Smart Merchandiser’s Analytical Overlay is fabulous. For any firm that needs to pivot its catalog in real-time and quickly and easily understand its website data, this tool would revolutionize its speed to market.

Fortier further added that Merchandisers could leverage automated business rules to effectively teach the software how to merchandise during peak sale events and cyber week, but they can also override, tweak, or review them anytime. The between man and machine gives the best scenario for ML (machine learning) which is on the company’s roadmap.


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